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... ) SHENZHEN ASTA OFFICIAL CONSUMABLES CO., LTD Китай / China 2nd floor, Block B, Caogen Pioneering Park, Longcheng square metro station exit A , Longgang District, Shenzhen, China Тел.: +86 132-67002425 Факс: +86 755-89734734 Компания ASTA была основана в 2009 году, ей принадлежит производство расходных материалов площадью 35000 кв.м., где выпу ...

... adquarters are located in Shenzhen, China, with warehouses in Dubai and Mexico and 30 ASTA & ACO brand distributors worldwide. ASTA achieved good reputation because we offer top quality and first-class service globally. With ONE LINE, ONE DREAM vision, we want to set an example for Chinese laser printing consumables market. PRODUCTION: CARTRIDGES FOR LASER PRINTERS AND COPIRES ...

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... nce of such efforts, Lamy was the first cosmetic company whom FDA certified in Korea. 1. Новинки компании Catalina Geo is Lamy s export-only brand which we export to 19 countries all over the world. Classical makeup line, Catalina Geo is a global brand which catches many women s eyes of the world. In 1986, it was launched in Hong Kong and Iran and now it has global business network all around the ...

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... двери. Композитные промышленные двери KAPELLI обладают 100% влагостойкостью, высокой степенью тепло- и звукоизоляции. Они просты в монтаже и долговечны. Выпускаются в четырех основных сериях: KAPELLIclassic, KAPELLI-connect, KAPELLI-universal, KAPELLI-ecoline. Бренды: KAPELLI. KAPELLI Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Vavilova, 63A, 344064 Tel.: +7 (863) 261-89-82 www.kapelli-d ...

... Special moisture resistant doors KAPELLI have unique characteristics such as absolutely waterproofing, high heat and sound insulation, strong durability. There are 4 main series: KAPELLI-classic, KAPELLI-connect, KAPELLI-universal, KAPELLI-ecoline. Brands: KAPELLI. ...

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Guangzhou Grand Bio. Technology

... 6 years developing, Monica have agent worldwide . Monica also build good and long term cooperation with Academy, Salon and Professional PMU artist. 1. Новинки компании color emulsion classic series 2.color emulsion perfect series 3.colour emusion magic series 4.tool series 5.auxiliary products 6.monica set series Продукты компании * French Monica Pure plant organic permanent ma ...

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Guangzhou Feifan Cosmetics

... having our own factory. Because of the good quality with competitive price, we enjoy a good reputation from our customers. We can supply all kinds of gel polish and eyelash. 1. Новинки компании Pure classical gel polish , cat eye`s magnetic gel polish . temperature changing gel polish , chameleon gel polish, one step gel polish, metallic gel polish and so on The 5th floor, compreh building, Tong ...

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... , CIS Isola 5, N. 524-527, Nola (NA), Italy Телефон: (+39) 0815108534 Факс: (+39) 0815109154 CIMMINO`s family represent a tradition in the textile-world since 1750. Classic fabrics for outerwear as well as bridal fabrics for wedding and fancy fabrics for special events such as Halloween, Christmas, special fabrics for window-dressing, decorations and fair prepara ...

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... MICA collections have been created with the purpose of making our lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Our products are unique, different, satisfying all tastes, as well as being modern, innovative, classic and authentic. High quality designs created by our team of professional, young and creative designers. Nowadays MONOPOLE CERAMICA exported its products to more than 70 countries, and this numb ...

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SJ Trading

... y standards. We are now looking for the distributors in CIS countries for the mutual business. Продукты компании * HA filler Aphrofil HA filler Brand Aphrofil made in Korea Aphrofil Petit Aphrofil Classic Aphrofil Grand Pungdeokcheonro 181 bungil 4-19Suji-gu Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do Тел.: +8270 4001 5908 Факс: +8270 8254 6385 ...

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... именем Armadi Art, используя технологию производства древесины,производят для многих стран мира эксклюзивную мебель для ванных комнат. Широкое индививидуальное производство,является стандартом групп Classico: Бренды ARMADI ART ANTONIO VALANTI ...

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Ningbo Seng Cze Macrospray

... e have laid a firm foundation for the long-term cooperation with customers , we sincerely welcome friends from all circles for visit and consultation. Продукты компании * Trigger Sprayer JF9308 1. Classic shroud design 2. Ergonomic design for performance and comfort 3. Different closure and nozzle options 4. Double Anti-Leaking Design 5. Fre... * Foam Pump FEATURES 1. Attractive aesthetics 2. ...

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